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Houston USA Oil Technologies, is a corporation that aspires to continue consolidating over time to meet the needs of its customers always providing optimal quality in its services, efficiency, with exceptional response time, with commitment, security and integrity, diversifying our services throughout the branch of the oil industry.

Our services


Valves are an essential part of any pipe system. We offer this service to manufacture and deliver high quality valves with exceptional quality.

Tecnologías de aparejo

 No solo ofrecemos soluciones completas de consultoría, sino que también ofrecemos una línea completa de herramientas y dispositivos especializados de aparejo y elevación.

Piping Technologies

Our innovative technologies provide a very important aspect in the latest technological advances in associated functions and equipment.

Oils and fuels

With our partners, we are ready to offer you quick and professional access to petroleum products, through our suppliers..


Somos una empresa de servicios integrales, referidos al suministro marítimo e industrial. Nos esforzamos por brindar un servicio más eficiente y rentable para nuestros clientes, y siempre hacemos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para satisfacer sus necesidades.

Asset management simplifing

We use non-invasive marking methods to help our clients track and manage their assets. Our users can create their own work orders, inspect their assets and geo-spatially locate their assets.