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Valves - Upstream,Midstream&Downstream

Valves are essential parts of any pipe system, they are used to control the pressure and flow of the contents, be it oil, gas, liquid or steam. We offer this service to manufacture and deliver high quality valves with an exceptional response time and a strong commitment to safety, integrity and customer satisfaction, see our catalog.


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Piping Technologies

Our innovative Piping Technologies bring a very important aspect of the newest technological breakthroughs in piping and associated equipment


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Rigging Technologies

In addition to providing full consultation in this area, we also offer the full line of specialized lifting and rigging devices and tools.

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Simplifing Asset Management

We use non-invasive tagging methods to help our clients track and manage their assets. In addition, our users can create their own work orders, inspect their assets and locate them geospatially in an easy and practical way.

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We are a full service company, referring to maritime and industrial supply. We strive to provide the most efficient and profitable service for our clients, and always do everything possible to meet their needs.


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Oils and fuels

We supply all types of fuel directly from Russian refineries as well as from other world powers. As a result to the synergy, experience, contacts and high-level relationships that we have internationally in the refinery industry and the international fuel market, we supply you by contract directly from the most important refineries in the world.

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