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About Us


Houston USA Oil Technologies is a full-service maritime and industrial supply company created to procure and deliver high quality valves and other assets exceptionally quickly based on a strong commitment to safety, integrity, and customer satisfaction.



Achieve quality and excellence in parts procurement and delivery.

Meet our business goals in record time so we and our clients can thrive together.



Respect for our clients.
Ethics in all business dealings.
Security and excellence in service.



Houston USA Oil Technologies, as a corporation, aspires to grow ever more efficient in meeting the needs of its customers, always with a high standard of quality, exceptional response times, and a strong commitment to safety, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We aim to diversify our services in all branches of the oil industry, positioning ourselves within the market as the best choice for maritime and industrial parts procurement and services.




Who We Are


Houston USA Oil Technologies started out as a dream 4 years ago. Now through collaboration and communication with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the country, we have established a network of talents and expertise enabling us to provide the perfect solutions for our clients!

By identifying and building relationships with world class manufacturers, we supply our end customers with the products and services they need. Excellent supply chain management is a crucial factor for success in the oil and gas industry, and we can help.

At Houston USA Oil Technologies, we match demand with supply in a highly dynamic and seamless way using optimized processes and next generation technology. Our outcome driven and meticulously structured approaches are customizable, adaptable, and modular, allowing excellent build on capabilities for incremental implementation. Our customers can easily test proofs of concept before launching large initiatives, minimizing restarts and loss of momentum. While greatly reducing risk, our customers can be confident in the scalability and potential of projects and solutions.

We promise to work tirelessly with our business partners to create high value propositions that consistently raise industry expectations and respond to market fluctuations and current events.

Our core attributes of people, processes, information, and technology along with our experience and understanding of the industry will enable your business to operate at the highest level. Ask us how we can help you today!



Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.